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African Fish Eagle

National bird of Namibia and Zambia

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About This Bird

African Fish Eagle

Haliaeetus vocifer

Namibia and Zambia

The African Fish Eagle is found in Sub Saharan Africa and is the national representative for Namibia and Zambia.

As it inhabits many countries within Africa it is known by different names – Visarend in Afikaans, Hungwe in Shona, Inkwazi in IsiZulu and Aigle Pecheur in French. African Fish Eagle seems like quite a boring name in comparison!

Both the male and female look the same (similar to the bald eagle) with a brown body, black wings, white head/breast/tail, and a featherless yellow face. Unusually, the female is larger than the male – 3.4kg on average to the male 2.1kg. Both are of similar height (53cm – 75cm) but the wingspan of the female is nearly half a metre more than the males impressive 2m!

They make their homes near lakes and lagoons to catch their mainly fish diet. They mate for life and lay 1-3 eggs per season. Unlike many birds ‘siblicide’ (where the young eat their weaker siblings) very rarely happens and on the whole all chicks are reared.