The Conference Call of the Birds | Blue Rock Thrush
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Blue Rock Thrush

Blue Rock Thrush

National bird of Malta

About This Bird

Blue Rock Thrush

Monticola solitarius


The Blue Rock Thrush represents the tiny country of Malta (just 316 km2 in size… the country, not the bird).

It is a striking looking bird, with blue grey plumage and darker wings on the male. The female is much plainer with brown feathers.

The Thrush feeds on insects, small reptiles, berries and seeds and nests in open, mountainous areas. They are around the same size as a common starling, 21cm – 23cm long with long, slender beaks.

The bird used to appear on the LM1 coin (Maltese Lira) but this currency was replaced by the Euro at the beginning of 2008 and so far, the thursh has not managed to find fame on any other coin.