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Common Loon

Common Loon

National bird of Canada

About This Bird

Common Loon

Gavia immer


The Common Loon, or the Great Northern Diver (as it is known in Eurasia) is the national bird of Canada.

It is a large bird, 61cm – 100cm long, with a black head and white underparts during breeding season and a non breeding plumage of brown.

They have large webbed feet which make them strong swimmers – perfect for catching their prey of fish. They glide calmly along the water until they spot something then dive effortlessly to depths of up to 60m. They can be under water for up to 3 minutes which adds to their diving skills!

They nest close to water, where they typically have 1-3 eggs per mating season.

Canada doesn’t have one single national bird as each province has its own bird. The Loon represents Ontario, but it also appears on the Canadian $1 coin which is affectionately known as the Loonie.