The Conference Call of the Birds | Cyprus Warbler
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Cyprus Warbler

Cyprus Warbler

National bird of Cyprus

About This Bird

Cyprus Warbler

Sylvia melanothorax


The Cyprus Warbler is (unsurprisingly) the national bird of Cyprus. It is a migrating species who winters in the sunnier climes of Israel, Jordan and Egypt. When it is on ‘home turf’ it makes it’s home close to the ground, taking advantage of the low shrub and gorse of the Cypriot landscape. This is where it makes its nest and lays eggs – typically 3-5 per year. It feeds on the insects, seed and fruits that can be found in the undergrowth.

This bird is a typical warbler – small in size, around 13cm long with a wingspan of 15cm to 18cm. It is mostly grey in colour and the males have a black head and the females a dark grey head. The most distinctive feature of this warbler is it’s malar streak – the white strip on it’s head which most closely resembles a moustache! It has an inquisitive expression

The warbler’s ‘voice’ has been described as dry and ticking, with a shrill, alarm-like call – perhaps not unlike the voice of Cyprus’ 1986 Eurovision entry Elpida, who placed last with only 4 points!