The Conference Call of the Birds | Oriental Turtle Dove
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Oriental Turtle Dove

Oriental Turtle Dove

National bird of Maldives

About This Bird

Oriental Turtle Dove

Streptopelia orientalis


The national bird of the Maldives, the Oriental Turtle Dove, or the Rufous Turtle Dove originates from central Asia.

It looks similar to the more common European Turtle Dove (made famous in the 12 Days of Christmas song and also in Home Alone 2 Lost in New York!) but is larger with a less bright pink breast than its European counterpart. The main difference between these two birds is their call – the Oriental Turtle Dove does not share the purr of the Turtle Dove, but makes a ‘her-her-oo-oo’ sound.

They are very uncommon in the UK and when one was spotted in Oxfordshire a man made a fortune by charging eager twitchers £5 each to look out his kitchen window at it – over 500 people came to see the bird!