The Conference Call of the Birds | Raven
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National bird of Isle of Man

About This Bird


Corvus corax

Isle of Man

The bird made famous by Edgar Allen Poe is also the national representative for the Isle of Man.

The Raven is resembles a crow in looks with it’s plain black feathers, but it can be told apart by it’s size, it is bigger (around 63cm) and heavier, with a larger beak.

And that’s a beak that’s made for eating – the Raven will eat almost anything; carrion (scraps of decaying meat, yum!) insects, cereal grains, berries, fruit, small animals, and food waste. Nothing goes to waste with the humble Raven around!

Romantically, Ravens mate for life and can live up to 21 years! That’s a long-term relationship right there. When they have young, both parents care for the chicks equally.

The Raven is one of only four animals to demonstrate displacement theory (the others being bees, ants and us – humans). If a raven spots a carcass which is too big to eat on its own it can retain this information and round up other birds to come and help. On occasion, Ravens have been known to enlist the help of wolves and even coyotes to rip up a carcass for them first!